As part of the Rocket League Winter Roadmap

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As part of the Rocket League Winter Roadmap

As part of the Rocket League Winter Roadmap , the first three Rocket League Credits DLC packs will be added to the base game at no additional cost. We will be able to access all the contents of Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run, which includes the various vehicle models of the game.

In our earliest tests of the game, we wondered where the heck the items, power-ups, and weapons were. Just driving into a ball? That's it? But the more we've played Rocket League, the more we came to appreciate just how smooth and accessible its control scheme really is and how removing all other distractions and options forces players to become very, very talented ball-kicking drivers.

Really, there's nothing quite like jumping and nitro-ing in mid-air to block an on-target kick, or blowing up an attacker before it can pull off a game-tying kick, or setting up a perfect wall-bounce center pass to a teammate's bicycle kick. The air-boost feature makes lining up accurate shots and passes simple and fun on the fly. Plus, most soccer games more-or-less attach the ball to the player's feet. Here, how you connect with the ball while dribbling down the field is actually a core part of the gameplay, and it's incredibly satisfying to pull off.

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