IT Help Desk Technicians Career Outlook

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Help desk technicians are critical to the IT workforce, as they maintain the technologies organizations rely on to keep companies up to date and run smoothly.

Help desk technicians are critical to the IT workforce, as they maintain the technologies organizations rely on to keep companies up to date and run smoothly.

IT help desk technicians provide technical assistance and troubleshooting services to end-users who need assistance with their computer hardware or software. There are two main types of service technicians: internal and remote. Remote help desk technicians support technology customers on the phone, online and occasionally on-site. Internal technicians only assist internal employees.

Help desk technicians need a profound knowledge of computer hardware and software. Solid communication skills are also required, as help desk specialists must effectively communicate solutions to both technical and non-technical people. The professional trajectory of the IT help desk is ideal for solving methodical problems with the ability to quickly learn and adapt new skills. Patience, ingenuity and a desire to help others are desirable virtues in technical support and help desk roles.

Many of them start their careers as help desk technicians because of inadequate experience and education requirements, therefore, being exposed to new IT disciplines and technologies, they discover their niche and expand into other IT careers. , as a network administrator, DBA or IT security specialist. Other technicians will stay at the help desk and take advantage of their experience to become a technical help desk manager.

Education requirements for the help desk technician

Usually, a university degree is not required for entry-level help positions, and however when checking with it help desk technician salary, it can help you get the interview and work faster and with a higher salary score than candidates without a degree. For those seeking formal education, computer systems degree programs (CIS), help desk administration, technical support, and network administration provide a solid foundation for the professional career of the training desk. technical assistance If you want a university education, but not on time and at the expense of a 2 or 4-year degree course, consider a certificate specialized in PC repair or IT support/help desk.

The marketable skills required for college help desk technicians include PC repair, network administration, operating system deployment and configuration, information security, desktop troubleshooting and mobile devices, as well as extensive skills such as customer service and verbal and written communication.

For help desk technicians, IT certifications offer a viable alternative or complement to an accredited course. CompTIA A + and Rete + certifications are the ideal starting point, as they introduce important IT domains and provide valuable information about the IT infrastructure. The A + curriculum also includes a solid customer service component, a key element in today's business-oriented IT labor market. The next step to monitor the help desk certification could be to master a common operating system, such as: Microsoft credentials for MCSA: Windows and MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure.

With the introduction of sophisticated online simulations and PC hardware packages that can be sent to distant students, the help desk technician training also works in distance learning format.

IT Technical Support Technician Tasks

  •         Be the first to call or send emails to customers who need technical assistance.
  •         Solve problems with various diagnostic techniques.
  •         Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair technical problems of hardware and software
  •         Quick solution and excellent customer service.
  •         Report any unresolved issues to the next level support team
  •         Provide the required information about IT products or services.
  •         Look at the problems and their solutions.
  •         Customer tracking
  •         Provide feedback on the process and recommendations to improve
  •         Maintain the technical documentation and catalog of services related to software installation, hardware configuration, and troubleshooting.
  •         Process improvement suggestions
  •         Technical requirements of the IT help desk
  •         Previous professional experience as an IT technical support technician for (x) years
  •         Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Science or similar similar areas
  •         Solid knowledge of computer systems and mobile devices.
  •         Practical experience in the diagnosis and solution of basic technical problems.
  •         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  •         Customer and patient orientation.