The meaning of flowers

The meaning of flowers
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Learn the language of flowers and their hidden meanings. Use this knowledge in garden design and to make flower posies.


Bluebell; consistancy, forgive and forget
Campanula; white- gratitude
Carnation; red- 'alas for my poor heart', striped- refusal, yellow- distain, pink - woman's love
Chrysanthemum; red- 'I love you', yellow- slighted love, white- truth
Daffodil; regard, chivalry
Daisy; innocence
Forget-me-not (Myosotis); true love, 'the key to my heart'
Freesia; friendship
Garden pink (Dianthus); pure love
Gladiolus; strength of character
Hyacinth; blue-consistancy, white- unaobtrustive loveliness
Iris; yellow- flame of love
Lavender; devotion
Lilac (Syringa); purple- first emotions of love, white- youthful innocence
Lily; pure and modest
Lily of the valley (Convallaria); return of happiness
Love lies bleeding (Amaranthus); hopeless not heartless
Mimosa (Acacia); sensitivity, secret love
Narcissus; self-esteem, female ambition
Orange blossom; bridal festivities, 'your purity equals your lovliness'
Orchid; longevity, elegance
Pansy; thoughtful
Peony; bashfulness
Ranunculus; 'you are rich in attractions'
Rudbeckia; justice
Snowdrop; hope
Solidago; encouragement
Star of Bethlehem (Ornathologum); purity
Stocks (Matthiola); lasting beauty
Sunflower; pure thoughts, adoration, dedication
Sweet pea; departure, delicate pleasures
Tulip; red- declaration of love; striped- beautiful eyes
Veronica; fidelity
Violet; faithfulness