Modes we want for 2K21

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The modes I'm going over are only online unless should I state goodbye a single player mode for this. I have a variety of modes so many folks can find ways appropriate for them (noobs, experts, no cash spents etc).You could choose what issue you would like to que in NBA 2K MT for (novice, pro, etc) Instead of getting rewards you just get the mt you get from normally enjoying NBA 2K21. You can also select how you would like the matchmaking to be (you be paired with anybody or you choose the overall difference you can be matched with. For instance if you choose 0 and it has to be the same overall you will get more match times) This only really works great if they get rid of contracts though which I am thinking they might.

Road to the playoffs. It's basically the same as before but for rewards that are greater, and there is no lineup limitations. You play against people on your seed. There's 8 seeds 8-1. You start at the seed and also need to work your way up into the 1 seed for the rewards. The seed that the greater the difficulty. You receive reset and can just get the rewards for moving a seed up after until you finish the road. Everybody's seed has reset all the rewards can be earned by you and for winning 10 games in the 1 seed the galaxy opal you get has been changed for another player. You get 12 matches to play for each seed/run, and for every single seed to move until the seed you want to win a specific number of games.

Also if you get rid of a certain number of games a seed moves down. For example with my triumph and loss plan for seed 2 you need 10 wins to move up 7-9 wins less or 6 to move a seed down and to stay the exact same. You get better rewards every time you complete a league. As an example for moving upward from the 8th seed you receive a Celtics bunch, but for transferring up from the 2nd seed you receive 500 tokens. My seed plan is seed two wins to go pro difficulty 0-1 wins up for moving up to stay the exact same reward: Celtics bunch. Pro difficulty reward for transferring up: 25. 5th seed: 6 drops to move up 4-5 to stay the to move down. All celebrity difficulty reward for transferring up: 10000 mt. 4th seed: 7 wins to move up 5-6 wins to stay the exact same 0-4 wins to move down.

All celebrity difficulty. Reward 4 packs of whatever packs are outside that week. It's the deluxe version, When the packs have a version. 3rd seed: 8 wins to move up 6-7 to remain the exact same 0-5 losses to move down. Superstar difficulty. Superstar difficulty. Reward 500 tokens. 1st seed: 10 wins to fill out the road and receive the final reward. 6-9 wins to stay exactly the wins to proceed down. Hof difficulty. The galaxy opal player that is currently the reward for it. You may collect all of the benefits again and go back down to the 8th seed, When you complete the road, and the galaxy opal is substituted using 1000.

Instead of the vault and ball drops once you win you get to reverse cards out of like 18 cards that are every time, which reset every around. For online the number of flips go up like it's currently till you get 3 declines for every win up to 5. You get 3 one flips to your first 3 wins, 2 two sticks for your 4-5 wins, 2 three laps to your 6-7 wins, four sticks to your 8th win, and two five flips for Buy 2K MT your 9-10th win without losing 3 occasions. Following your 9th and 10th you return to the one flips. The more wins you've got online without becoming 3 declines (so the greater pitches you've got ) the better prizes you may get. For offline you can get different prizes than online, (reward cards).