Did they not say it'd be similar to 2k21

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Like with 2k14. Which sucks because 2k14 about the engine seemed fantastic. Damn that is some bullshit. It is not like hardware either. Could they have some worse business practices as a firm restricted us? The fuck is up? ? And many more changes. Honestly I'm surprised Zion wasn't held out of NBA 2K21 MT Coins this trailer with knee soreness.

On current gen it'll be 2k19. 2. Since 2k20 already is 2k19. 2 it's 2k19. 3. No 2k20 is 2k19. 1. But again: 0. 0 since the start to applications numbering (version) is equal to not started isn't it? Your software begins with 0. 1. I believe you get zero day spots that bump the model to . 1You begin with 0. Much like in development. Where you have nothing. First thing is 0. x. New release variations bump it to 1. XThats one counts I imagined. I really don't remember how many spots they released prior to 2K20s release, but let us say it had been 13.

Exactly. I mean. All of us on the exact same page here. I was only curious. Yeah, I know it isnt a very significant discussion but as you stated it starts on 0. 1, which is rather true (technically you can start on which ever number you want), but because 2k has been released it was 1. 0. But yeah it does not matter actually haha. Then again think iOS 13. Then it will get an update for 13. 1. Just a random idea; I think 2K19. 1 is the answer lol.

At this point they should just ensure it is free to play and also have updates such as all the additional iteration titles. "like most of the other iteration names"? I don't understand a single annual sport game (besides PES2021 what's doing a present gen season upgrade this season for the first time as a result of pandemic and console production break) that is absolutely free to play and gets updates. . . Yes it ought to be free due to MTA and gaming game mechanics and so on. Lol I didn't mean sports games. I think if such sports games were on PC, they'd move FTP immediately. But I get it, people want to sit on the sofa.

Do these stupid fucking letters offend anyone else off?his is satire and it's perfect tyop. See you in hot because of this very valid argument. Welcome into 2k where everything which isn't the exact same is worse. Was the PS4 version different from the other models? It is not even that it is a NBA 2k19 remake. 2k20 had 2k19 visuals in it that even said 2k19. It's like 2k14. Leading gameplay overhauls from 2k19 and 20. Gen will likely have more content but less gameplay changes and vice

Graphics are pretty much maxed out on current gen. This trailer included faculty teams and a new playground (2k beach), which you couldn't even put in your trailer. Yeah the games came out on hardware which was decided on 7+ years back and was underpowered at the time. I mean, isn't the be somewhat expected? Let's see if next gen 2K makes a large leap. It's a sport game I doubt gameplay will have big improvements ever. I am more interested to see how they create my livelihood and my league more interesting. If they make no modifications , you and I will agree.

They did so with 2K14 back when the PS4 and Xbox One fell, this was certainly expected, the one difference is that they have been copying gluing these past 3 names, next gen must show out Cheap MT NBA 2K21 if they charging $70 for this btw. I do not get"but the match never ceased". . . it ceased'all niggas anticipated a new adventure in a generation leap? I am able to inform y’all new to the series lmaoo.