Mind Control Is This In The New electronic towers ?? Targeting U.S. Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons and MKULTRA

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Mind Control Is This In The New electronic towers ?? Targeting U.S. Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons and MKULTRA Based on a 2009 Department of Justice (DOJ) report, and other reports in 2010, an estimated 350,000 Americans are being attacked with military grade Directed Energy Weapons

Targeting U.S. Citizens with Directed Energy Weapons and MKULTRA

Posted on August 26, 2013

Based on a 2009 Department of Justice (DOJ) report, and other reports in 2010, an estimated 350,000 Americans are being attacked with military grade Directed Energy Weapons by interconnected secret government cells, in what is commonly referred to asOrganized Stalking of Targeted Individuals.

The DOJ released an updated report in September 2012,Stalking Victims in the United States - Revised, but the update was based on the results from the same 2006 DOJ questionaire that was used for the 2009 DOJ report, theSupplemental Victimization Survey(SVS). The original 2009 report, and 2012 updated report, also relied on theNational Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), the data for which was collected between 1973 to 2011.

Activists claim that the SVS was deliberately misleading and omitted extreme stalking material facts; most notably the matter of persons stalked by one or more persons was not addressed in the 2009 and 2012 DOJ reports.FOIA request No. 10-00169to DOJ Office of Justice Programs, dated March 22, 2010, revealed that 446,790 episodes of stalking were committed by 3 or more persons, and more than 4 in 10 were committed by the offenders working together. See this 2010 article,Gang Stalking: New DOJ FOIA Documents Prove DOJ Knows The Truth. Also see this 2010 article,Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians.

The National Security Agency controls these Stalker networks and this is part of NSA schemes to conquer the planet with Microwave Hearing based mind control and Directed Energy Weapons of lethal and non-lethal varieties - in addition to their plans to use ethnic biological weapons to thin out the world population based on race and incite global war. FYIEthnic Biological Weapons: November 1970 Military Review;Ethnic Biological Weapons 2: Latino Slaves After Black Genocide;NSA Devil Worshipers.

A formiddable arsenal of Microwave Mind Control Weapons has been developed to mind control and torture political dissidents and anyone else who is targeted to be Stalked. See23 U.S. Patented Mind Control Related Devices (1956 2003)andVideos About Mind Control Weapons, Technology Devices.

ReadSome Documentation of Microwave Hearing Mind Control.

The Department of Defense defines directed energy as a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles that can damage or destroy enemy equipment, facilities and personnel. See this Navy Times report,Group to DoD: Focus on directed energy weapons.

Common bio-effects of electromagnetic and other non-lethal weapons include effects to the human central nervous system resulting in physical pain, difficulty breathing, vertigo, nausea, disorientation and other systemic discomfort. Read this declassifed military report,US Army Biological Effects Stealth Directed Energy Weapons.

Weapons not considered lethal can cause cumulative damage to the human body including death through slow-kill. See this 2011 postThe Slow-Kill Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, there is a video on that page by another activist on this deadly topic.

Microwave pulses can affect the epidermis (skin) and the dermis. The dermis is the thick sensitive layer of skin and connective tissue beneath the epidermis that contains blood, lymph vessels, sweat glands, and nerve endings. Microwave pulses can generate burns or induce terminal disease from as far as 700 yards, or more than 700 yards if applied by satellite.

Since the new weapons tracelessly penetrate buildings to injure targets, they leave no evidence of the perpetrator, a perfect crime weapon for the Satanic deviates that control the NSA. The heart attack gun and the ray gun are only a couple of many in the arsenal of military high-tech weapons that can be used to stealth assassinate individuals by making the cause of death look natural. Targeted Individuals claim being injured and tortured, and in some cases even tortured to death with the new weaponry.

The Department Of Justice statistics report,Stalking Victimization in the United States in 2009, included a misleading survey (the SVS) that omitted extreme stalking material facts. Regarding those strategic omisssions, see attorney Keith Labella'sFreedom of Information Act request No. 10-00169. According to the documentation that was omitted in that DOJ report, tens of thousands of the victims are known to the government as being gang stalked by groups of between 3 and 50 persons. But see this screen shot of acomment from a reader in 2010 in response to a post on my old blog, which states that Organized Stalkers run in groups of up to 200 stalkers against one man.

The 2006 Supplemental Victimization Survey (SVS) was designed to measure the prevalence, characteristics, and consequences of non-fatal stalking so that policymakers, academic researchers, practitioners at the federal, state and local levels, and advocates could make informed decisions concerning policies and programs. However, the traitors have not done anything to stop these Stalkings and dismantle the Stalker network because it fits their own NWO agendas.

The Stalking Victimization Survey (SVS) measured the following stalking behaviors:

making unwanted phone calls

sending unsolicited or unwanted letters or e-mails

showing up at places without a legitimate reason act of stalking differ across states

following or spying on the victim

waiting at places for the victim

leaving unwanted items, presents, or flowers

posting information or spreading rumors about the victim on the internet, in a public place, or by word of mouth

The SVS also identified victims who experienced the behaviors associated with stalking, but neither reported feeling fear as a result of such conduct, nor experienced actions that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. The SVS asked questions related to victims' experiences of unwanted contact or harassing behavior on two or more occasions during the previous 12 months. The survey provides information about the following dimensions of stalking behavior: relationship of the perpetrator to victim; onset, duration, and resistance; other crimes and injuries committed against the victim in conjunction with stalking; victim response; criminal justice response; and cost to victim. Stalking involves organized domestic terror cells stalking Targeted Individuals, and this is commonly known as Organized Stalking, Gang Stalking, or Cause Stalking.

Five known aspects of Organized Stalking of Targeted Individuals:

High frequency of attacks and long-term duration of attacks

Use of a variety of known physical and psychological MKULTRA/COINTELPRO techniques, including sleep deprivation induced by electronic harassment, and biological attacks with viruses and other agents

Professional unforced house entry, with no sign of force regardless of types of locks, often to access targets while asleep

Law enforcement refusal to protect targets, investigate, or prosecute

Covering-up the crime with torture tactics created to appear so unbelievable that bogus mental illness is used to discredit targets, or so well-disguised that the induced mysterious illnesses neutralize targets

There is definite relationship between Organized Stalking of Targeted Individuals with microwave hearing ultrasound weapons, and the new changes to the worldwide guidelinesfor determination of mental illness which isused by psychiatrists.

Those changes, the first time in 15 years that changes are to be made, are a major threat to all of us. The new rules are highly contested by honest psychiatrists others, and provide for treating people with psychotropic drugsforonly possibly having 'the potentialto develop a mental illness'. Also seethis news report, which says One new diagnosis put forward by the authors is Psychosis Risk Syndrome, which identifies people thought to be at risk of developing a mental illness FYI watch this short video,CCHRG. Edward Griffin on Psychiatry Politics.

A primary technique of Organized Stalkers is the Department of Defense's Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), aka Silent Sound, U.S. PatentUS5159703. Also see this pdf,Silent Sound Subliminal Mind Control Explained.