What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite Floor Tiles?

A quick overviews of the pros and cons of the granite tile floors for the domestic and commercial places.


Natural stone flooring gives a luxury feel to halls and lobbies. You can see granite floor tiles in the house, hotels, buildings, and mansion. If you want to make an investment for floor tiles which are durable and beautiful then granite material is the best option. There are many companies which provide the best Tile grout cleaning services in Melbourne. Here are some things which will make it easy for you to choose this option or not.


• One of the greatest features of granite flooring is its durability. The tiles will last for a long time.
• If you want to use them in the kitchen or bathroom you can do that also. The granite material is resistant to moisture and also the stains.
• Granite floor tiles look very good and beautiful. It changes the look of your room. Granite slabs are not always same. So, you can choose a different pattern and textures to make the place look more stylish.
• You don’t have to pay money for regular maintenance. They are be cleaned easily. You should sweep and mop them daily.


• If you are on a low budget then it is not the right option for you. The granite material is very expensive.
• The installation of granite flooring takes a lot of time. So, if you don’t want to spend much time then you should go for other options.
• The granite floor tiles need to be resealed after some time so that it doesn’t lose it shine and to prevent any type of damage.