HYT 148-TG-02-RF-RU H1 RED2 Replica watch

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I look at the image of the HYT H1 Titanium,HYT H1 TITANIUM 148-TT-11-GF-LC, and the counterclockwise needle avoids the traditional dovetail-shaped pointer in the high-end watch, but prefers to use fluorescent green liquid to give time.http://www.fashionwatchtime.com

HYT H1 hydraulic machine: let it go

Unless you live in ancient Egypt, China or Greece, you may have never seen the extraordinary HYT H1.HYT H1 TITANIUM 148-TT-11-GF-LC, Welcome the past and welcome the past. HYT's hydraulic machine H1 combines Swiss mechanical high-end watch technology with the first fluid-based time interface since the ancient leaking water clock.

The bimetallic bellows form the core of the technology and aesthetics of the revolutionary HYT 101 movement. Each bellows acts as a reservoir for high viscosity fluids: one fluorescent green and one transparent. The calibrated circumferential tube that connects the reservoir acts as a time trace, while the visible meniscus between the two fluids acts as a flow time or "hour hand".

In addition, HYT H1 is a Swiss traditional regulator and retrograde. A traditional 60-minute hand is at 12 o'clock and tracks the movement of the meniscus hour markers. The static and static turbine display at 9 o'clock provides a constant indication of the number of seconds and displays a 65-hour power reserve at 2:30 with a conventional sweep index.

When the fluorescent oil fills the entire 12-hour span of the display and reaches six o'clock, the retrograde function of the HYT H1 luxury watches replica“jumps up”. By that time, the green fluid quickly receded to 360 degrees of the origin on the other side of its six-point index. The entire calibration hour trajectory will be cleared and the green liquid will begin to track the next 12 hours of the day.

The 49mm HYT H1 titanium watch may be inspired by the classical era, but its size and wrist presence are clearly 21st century. Layered aesthetics ensure that every structural element of the case structure is fully expressed; this is a watch that celebrates the look and characteristics of the original machine. HYT adds a rubber band with suitable ends to ensure seamless integration with the sides of the case. Its readings are the constant flow of modern materials.

HYT's ultra-comfortable rubber strap team has designed a short lugs, a flat back cover and the inherent lightness of titanium to create an outstanding ergonomic design. The H1's 49 mm case looks practical. The fit of the HYT is suitable for wrists with a circumference as small as 5.5 inches.

In addition, the HYT H1 is a real-world watch designed to give you confidence and comfort. The ergonomic performance has been established, but the utility of the H1 stems from its screw-in crown, 100 meters (330 feet) of water resistance and shock-proof movement. Although the HYT H1 is similar to the concept sheet or the Baselworld prototype, it is designed to withstand the rigors of real life on the wrist: in all respects, this is a serious sporting watch.urwerk ur 110 replcia watches

The hand-wound HYT 101 calibre is revolutionary in the characterization of time, combining the finest traditions of Swiss mechanical watchmaking. Designed in collaboration with boutique sports expert Chronode, Cal's Jean-Francois Mojhon. 101 has the expected stripes of Geneva watches, mirror-quality glazed materials and a compact chassis. Similarly, the moving brushed gear and the 28,800 VpH escapement system components show a rigorous focus on finishing details.

But the hydraulic system is a bright spot, and the HYT keeps it visible in the center of the hollowed dial and the movement. The mechanism takes a full decade from concept to listing, and is one of the few real breakthroughs in the last two decades of the development of high-end watches.

Others rearranged the same regulator pointers (Patek, JLC, Chronoswiss, etc.), retrograde (Gerald Genta, Daniel Roth, Vacheron), roaming time (Urwerk, AP) and time hopping (Vianney Halter, AP, Lange, De Bethune Only HYT can truly break the bondage of the past, and H1 is the blue sky dream realized in metal, fluid and crystal.jacob and co astronomia tourbillon

HYT 148-TT-11-GF-LC H1 TITANIUM Replica watch

Brand :HYT

Model :148-TT-11-GF-LC


Movement :Hand winding

Gender :Mens

Case material :Titanium

Case size :48.8 MM

Crystal :Sapphire

Thickness :17.9 mm

Features :Minutes,The power reserve indicator,Seconds,Hours

Bracelet material :Black Rubber

The case shape :Circle

Dial Color :Gray

Strap features:With titanium inlay

Water resistance :100 m