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We believe…
We are social creatures
by nature
Privacy is your right
Online connectivity is fun and essential
Customer trust and safety are the backbone of business
cushtymoosh - Values
We are social creatures by nature and private people by right. That’s why CushtyMoosh offers the power of self-expression delivered under the umbrella of safety.

At CushtyMoosh, you can enjoy amazing online experiences that give you the freedom and safety to be and share the real you without being penalized for your beliefs or ideas you share you are a responsible adult and we treat you like one and respect freedom of open discussion.

As individuals, our creativity and innermost thoughts require privacy. It’s how we change ourselves and the world. That’s why we believe that all of us should have the freedom to be our authentic selves online, without worrying about being spied on, targeted, or manipulated.

We aspire…
CushtyMoosh is here to empower you and enrich your world. We challenge the status quo by making trust, control, data privacy and love the foundations of an innovatively designed, easy-to-use social experience.

We’re not always perfect (although we’re working on it), but we are honest and keep it real. CushtyMoosh provides you the fun, uplifting and trustworthy communication platform that enhances your life, while delivering the respect and safety we all deserve we do not suspend accounts for views or freedoms which we are intitled to .